This is still Sam, Semi, Sammy.

Thanks for remembering thepsychospeaks! It has been so much fun filling this blog up with my brainchildren and sharing my rollercoaster of a life with you guys.

I like to believe that I’ve grown as a person and I no longer think I’m in a state where I’d laugh and call myself a psycho who speaks. Though I still do speak and write and word vomit, I moved to another address, and that still has all my content. As someone who’s now starting her career path in a professional, more mature sense, I decided it’s time I say goodbye to the name/URL thepsychospeaks. 

Nevertheless, she still lives on in and is waiting for you. All my previous content is there and I’m writing on that URL now.

Thanks for always hanging out with me.

Now it’s time to woman up and face the world with real eyes.

Again and always, Semi x